Our First Web App – aboutPLACE.

Pinterest-160-x-165We’re excited to announce our first web app, aboutplace (http://aboutplace.co), scheduled to launch in Beta later this year. Our first version of aboutPLACE is a consumer focused app that we created to help you find the right place for you.

aboutPLACE is a hybrid of location intelligence and urban analytics designed in a way that’s easily digested by consumers. It provides various dimensions of data and analytics, such as demographics, infrastructure, amenities, walkability, and lifestyle modeling, for cities, towns and neighborhoods in a friendly, visual format. aboutPLACE also provides rankings and metrics of how well each geographic area serves an individual user’s needs and interests based on preferences that the user inputs. Our platform includes over 110 optional user preferences to help the user specify which criteria matters most to them when evaluating or considering a change in location.

It’s an app that has many useful applications for a person making any location-based decision where understanding the personality of an area is vital: a job relocation, retirement, buying a second home, business travel, family vacation, opening a new business, expanding a franchise, selecting the right college and off-campus housing, or just moving across town for better schools.

We’re looking forward to our big launch day. We will continue to provide updates on aboutPLACE here and on all the Urban4M social accounts. We’ve also created separate aboutPLACE social accounts as well that are more consumer oriented. (So follow/fan/like/love and support our aboutPLACE social presence too!)

Twitter, Instagram: @aboutplaceCo

Facebook, Pinterest, Google+: aboutPLACE

Tumblr, WordPress: AboutPlaceCo

And of course – – – Sign up for the aboutPLACE Beta on http://aboutplace.co!

- Lisa

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